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Michelle House - Printed Textile Artist


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Commission for the British Academy

Michelle has been hard at work hand-printing and painting two large hangings for the British Academy building in St James’s, London.

Having seen Michelle’s work at Contemporary Applied Arts, Sir Nicholas Goodison recommended to the British Academies Art Committee that they should commission her to make two large wall-hangings. Her work is now part of their impressive art collection and hangs at the British Academy in Carlton House Terrace, St James. Check out her page on their website to find out more about the resulting artworks.

The hangings are made from a combination of linens and cottons and incorporate imagery from the internal architectural details and library within the space. The commission was through the CAA gallery.

Michelle_House_British Academy_wall hangings_commission_in situ_

The finished wall-hangings in-situ at the British Academy in London.

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